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Introducing: Y2K Bonds! 

31 January 2023

After a successful Initial Farm Offering, Token Generation Event and addition of new pegged Earthquake after launch, Y2K is ready to announce...

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20 December, 2022

After YIP: 1 has successfully passed, we are ready to introduce $Y2k and $vlY2K. $Y2K is the governance token that will be used to define important parameters of...

Y2K Finance Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Help...

28 October, 2022

We're excited to announce that Y2K finance -- a suite of products for hedging positions surrounding pegged assets -- has integrated...

Y2K Finance Initial Farm Offering

20 October, 2022

The rumors are true, and there is only little time to prepare... Doomsday is coming, Following a successful testnet deployment, Y2K is ready to take the ...

Y2K's Earthquake
Vault Strikes

22 September, 2022

Doomsday is quickly approaching and we've been doing some research to provide optimal strikes and corresponding APS for Earthquake vaults. Determining these ...

Y2K's Commitment
to Security

14 September, 2022

DeFi is a dangerous place. On every chain, insecure protocols bleed money due to greed, ignorance, or just pure chance. According to the Rekt leaderboard, over ...


07 September, 2022

Today we're releasing our Testnet which will allow users to interact with the basic functionalities of our Earthquake product. Here's a rundown of available features ...

Proposed Y2K Usecase for DAO's and Protocol w/ Actively...

15 August, 2022

"Put your money where your mouth is." The allusion here is quite simple. We believe that an organization should be willing to contribute...

Earthquake PT2

02 August, 2022

Earthquake is our flagship structured product that allows users to hedge, speculate and underwrite the volatility risk associated with various pegged ...


19 July, 2022

Earthquake will be the initial product available on offer when Y2K Finance launches. This article will go over the basic vaults mechanics and will be ...

Y2K Finance: Pricing Risk in Exotic Pegged Assets

09 July, 2022

I'd like to begin this article with a few quotes that I find particularly revelant to what we are about to discuss. "Many years ago, an older partner taught me to distin...