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1 May, 2023


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V2 Is Live! Launch User Guide

The day is finally here and V2 is officially live! 🎉🎉

Below we have prepared a short 4-step user guide that will allow users to properly understand and interact with our markets. We will release further user guides on other aspects of V2 shortly.

At the end we will share important notes on our epoch timing + information tax for this epoch as well 👀.

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Users can click the dropdown menu to select between 3 initial V2 markets:

MAI .9630
USDD .9700
USDC .9970

Step 2:

Each market will have WETH or ARB available as a deposit asset to select, which users can participate to earn additional yield on 👀.

Overall, this means that each market will settle in the same asset used for deposit as well. Users may participate with both assets using each deposit asset separately if they wish.

Step 3:

The current epoch is currently closed, so users can enter into the 24/7 deposit queue powered by carousel by selecting “Next available epoch”.

Step 4:

Users will be able to enter the queue using their selected deposit asset. Relayer + Deposit Fee (Information Tax) will be displayed alongside other helpful user information.

Deposit Fee (Information Tax):

For each of the markets, a linearly increasing Deposit Fee will be introduced:

USDC: 0-.5385%
USDD: 0-.4721%
MAI: 0-.3805%

Epoch Information:

This epoch’s specific details are listed below.

Now — Friday:
- V2 is officially live today and the 24/7 Deposit Queue is available to enter.
- On Friday 00:00 UTC, manual deposits will open. This means that users will be able to directly deposit into the vault rather than queue.
- Any previously deposited assets in the 24/7 Deposit Queue will be automatically

Friday 00:00 UTC — Monday 00:00 UTC (Normal Vault Launch Time)
- A linearly increasing Deposit Fee shown above will be applied to each vault starting Friday 00:00 UTC.
- 24/7 Deposit Queue participants will experience the lowest Deposit Fee.
- Monday 00:00 UTC the vaults will officially launch. Those that deposit closest to this time will have the highest Deposit Fee.

Sunday 22:00 UTC — Monday 00:00 UTC
- Vaults will run as normal, and coverage period will officially end Sunday 22:00 UTC
- This means that there will be a 2 hr non-coverage period between Sunday 22:00 UTC — Monday 00:00 UTC where vaults will settle.
- Users will be able to claim their rewards, and rollover to the next epoch if they choose.


The team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver this powerful upgrade that will provide the underlying necessary features to make the brightest future possible for Y2K.

Thank you to all of our partners, supporters, and of course Doomies for making our V2 launch possible.

We wouldn’t be here without you, and are looking forward to forging ahead together.


MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@Y2KFinance
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/y2kfinance
DISCORD: discord.gg/y2kfinance
WEBSITE: https://www.y2k.finance/

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