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31 Jan, 2023


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Introducing: Y2K Bonds

Introducing: Y2K Bonds

After a successful Initial Farm Offering, Token Generation Event, and addition of new pegged to Earthquake after launch, Y2K is ready to introduce our next major release: $Y2K bonds.

Today we are excited to announce that we have launched a $Y2K bond market with Bond Protocol here: https://app.bondprotocol.finance/#/markets

$Y2K Bonds will introduce a new market for the $Y2K token while growing protocol-owned liquidity (PoL) in the process.

How Will $Y2K Bonds Work?

Token bonds are a concept where users can exchange certain crypto assets for native tokens at a discount. In exchange, users are emitted the discounted asset over a span of a few days.

Similarly, $Y2K bonds will grow the Y2K treasury by offering users a way to purchase $Y2K at a discount. Only $USDC deposits will be supported initially, and users can deposit on either the Y2K Finance or Bond Protocol frontends to participate.

Total capacity will be limited for the first two weeks but be expanded in the future. Bonds are linearly vested for 5 days. This means after depositing, participants will slowly receive their discounted $Y2K over a span of 5 days.


In the end, Y2K’s goal is absolute growth with our users. We see bonds as an excellent way to grow our treasury assets and make the most efficient use of $Y2K emissions.

If you would like to participate in our bond market, please visit: https://app.bondprotocol.finance/#/markets

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